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It was back in 1960 when Roberto Perez founded El Chicote Drive Inn, located in North Sabana, a restaurant which had only 14 tables to attend 56 customers at a time, his compromise was to offer the best service and most fabulous food.

More than four decades after, Roberto Perez is still the proud owner of what is considered to be one of Costa Rica’s top choice restaurants; awarded with the Five Forks by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism, I.C.T., which is the maximum quality rating in the world of restaurants.

Now a day, El Chicote has 36 tables to attend 144 clients at a time, a menu with a wide selection of international recipes, wines of various classes to satisfy the different palates, an executive area for 60 people, and the original compromise, to offer an excellent service and recipes of top quality.


"Within the classics… El Chicote!"
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